Laundry Tips: Washing Machines

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Washing machines typically have three different dial settings to match the water level with the size of the load. Find out more about washing machines with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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What's up, it's James. All right, we're going to break down the washing machine for you. So, to keep plugging brands, not that you really care about brands when you get a washing machine, but apparently, my washing machine is done by the Roper Company, which is actually the Whirlpool Corporation. But that's not important. What is important are these knobs and dials up here and what they mean. So the ones that we have are water level, temperature, and then this one is just like the--this determines how long it goes for, and that one's always so complicated and weird. Anyway, over here, the three categories for water level--this one's easy--are small, medium, and super. And let's take a look what's in there right now. Just did a load of laundry. That's small. And you know medium would be medium, and super would be like up to the top, and you're half like shoving it in because you don't want to do another load. Now we can go inside the washing machine real quick. Basically, you're just going to lay your clothes out inside of there. It's pretty simple. Different--I mean, this is like my washing machine, obviously different washing machines have different styles and different things that you need to learn how to use, like where you put the detergent and what not. This is pretty simple in that you can just put the detergent right in, close it, select the appropriate settings, and turn it on. But if you're at like a laundromat, there might be a slot you have to pull out and load your detergent in, and then slide it back in. Just kind of educate yourself. So that's the washing machine.