How to Wash Dark Clothes

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Dark clothes in the laundry can fade and lose colors. Learn how to wash dark clothes from a professional cleaner in this free laundry washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ginger Walker, owner of Clean Junkies. We're going to learn how to wash our dark clothes today. So you've got your dark container. Many times your darks are going to include your jeans. First thing you want to do, make sure you clean out those pockets, jeans always have stuff in there. Not this time thank goodness. We're going to turn those inside out. All of your jeans you want to turn inside out. Generally you're going to have some dark t-shirts. I usually wash all my t-shirts right side out, to make sure that those get clean. Again if you are washing any darks that have stains, you'll want to get those pre-treated first. You can soak them, there are pre-treaters that, you know, are instant, where you just spray and throw it in the wash and you're set. So you'll get your darks all in there. With your darks you're generally going to have a lot of heavy duty type items, jeans and such, so you can use your heavy duty setting or you can use a normal setting. Your water temperature, you're going to want to use your cool water temperature. And the reason for that is your dark colors will fade, the warmer the water is, so I usually always use a cold setting and I'm going to use a mild detergent, you can use either a powder or a liquid detergent. If you're going to be using a powder detergent, because these are dark clothes and we're going to use a cold water setting, you're going to want to remember to dissolve that powder in some water and add it that way. So you'll add your detergent, make sure your settings are right, your cold water and your normal or your heavy duty washing, and go ahead and do that. And then when we dry our dark clothes, go ahead and put them in the dryer, set it on a normal setting and a medium temperature. And the reason you want to use a medium to a cool temperature again is to cause the colors to stay in your clothes versus out of your clothes. So then once they're all done you want to make sure you immediately fold them so that they don't get any wrinkles.