Choosing & Planting Boysenberry

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Knowing what to look for when buying Boysenberry plants for your garden is very important to their success and growth. Learn how to choose the best possible Boysenberry plants for your garden in this free horticulture video from a veteran gardener. View Video Transcript

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Today we're going to talk about how to pick out and plant a good boysenberry. This one right here looks pretty good, it's got a lot of new growth on it. It doesn't have any bad spots or diseases, I mean at first glance anyway, it doesn't look like it has any real problems. When you plant this guy you want to plant it in full sun to get its optimum growth. And you definitely want to give it some nice rich black dirt to plant it in. And that should give it some time to get established in the ground. You want to give these guys enough room because it says it's going to get about eight feet tall and four feet wide, it'll be quite a few years before it gets that big, but you definitely want to give them that space. So that they will have enough room to grow. Don't forget to water them every day. We water ours at least twice a day. You want to get them at least once a day if you can. And it says to fertilize them in the early spring so the earlier you can get them planted is probably better. Just make sure they're in full sun and don't forget to water them, they should be good to go.