What Clothes Should Be Turned Inside Out?

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Learn what clothes should be turned inside out when doing laundry from an expert homemaker, with tips for quick fixes, in this free video on washing clothes. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue and back here with Expert Village. Now in this segment before we go ahead and throw everything into the wash I know you are anxious. But we have to do a couple of more steps. This next step is checking your pockets and turn in a couple of things inside out. So I just grab a pair of pants you want to make sure check all the pockets. Oh wait a second what do we got in here? Oh darn how did this end up in here? I forgot my cell phone in there. That would have cost me some trouble. So you want to make sure you empty out all of your pockets. Another little paper. You especially want to make sure that if it is the winter time that you make sure that there is not Kleenex in any of your pockets cause Kleenex makes a real mess and it is really hard to clean up after. You also want to do a couple of things turn something inside out if it has a fancy print on it. That you may think might get faded or a wrinkled or riped you are going to go ahead and turn those inside out. That way you would protect them so when you go ahead and wash them they would be nicely protected and the inside. If you have nice bright colors and you want to keep them bright you go ahead and turn them things inside out as well. That is how you protect your stuff before you wash it and checking it here on Expert Village.