Locations for Planting Tulips

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Tulip bulbs require a little attention and they'll grow nearly anywhere. So in this segment we're going to talk about where to grow tulip bulbs. Tulips like sun or part shade, but they don't like deep shade so if you've got an area where there's only moss growing or there's weeds growing and they're not looking that great, I wouldn't plant them there. Tulips will grow pretty much anywhere they get sun or part shade. They grow great around little lilac trees in your front bed of full sun; they do really well in between by the eves of the house or in your entry way or along the sidewalk near your house. Somewhere where they're getting a warm heat. And you plant them usually in the fall through early winter and they'll come back and bloom every spring. You can plant tulips pretty much anywhere they get sun or part shade and they have room to grow. In the next segment we'll talk about the best conditions for tulip bulbs.