Washing Baby Greens for Salad

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Washing organic vegetables can be earthy and simple with fresh water. Learn to wash greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Here's a couple of nifty tricks for cleaning your greens once you've harvested them brought them to the house. You could put them in the sink, wash them around, and spend too much time drying them off or, let me show you an alternative method. Knowing that in this organic system, we're not afraid of what might be on them, we can open the individual heads, lay them out on the towel not worrying about the bit of dirt there, and allow them do dry a bit. You can take the butts off and open them up and shake out the hay and any dust. And we give them maybe fifteen or twenty minutes to dry. If this doesn't succeed and I'm still not satisfied that my product is clean enough, I can still go ahead, use the colander and rinse them off in the sink. However, more often than not, by this simple method of opening and drying out the leaves, once the leaves are laid out and dry, I can just allow the dust and the hay to settle, to settle out and in this manner I can get a clean product.