Flash Frying Baby Greens With Garlic

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A quick cooking technique like stir frying is good for homegrown baby greens. Learn to flash fry greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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You've worked really hard to grow these beautiful greens and now we're almost home. So watch as I stir fry, in fact, flash fry these delicious mixed greens. First I took some home grown garlic from last year that's still robust and pungent. And in my trusty wok I'll add some extra virgin olive oil to get them going. And the truth of the matter is the garlic doesn't want a lot of cooking and neither do the, neither do the greens. So we're just going to cook them pretty much together here, just give the garlic a tiny bit of heat just to get them going to make sure they're beginning to cook. And then we have at hand these beautiful cleaned greens that are ready to go. Some people would chop them up but I like them whole. I like to see what I'm eating. And as soon as the garlic gets a little bit hot, I can begin adding my, my stir fry mix here. As we said, we have a number of different beautiful things. We have a purple mustard and a winter kale, two types of kale, some collards, some swiss chard. We have some beautiful arugula and some cilantro as well, things I've learned to love over the years, not having known such beautiful food in my youth. The key with these is not to overcook them. You've got such a beautiful, beautiful product, you want to allow them to hit the heat.