Laundry Tips: Ironing Shirt

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When ironing a shirt after doing laundry, lay it down flat and rotate. Iron shirts with tips in this free video on laundry. View Video Transcript

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The next part you're going to take is your cuffs. And once again just kind of make sure it's like, you're laying it out pretty nice, pretty flat. And just realize, that like, if I layed it down like that and then went right there I'd get a nice crease right there. Which I, you know, depending on what you want. But just kind of take it. Just kind of go in like that. Yeah this is a dirty work shirt, but oh well, it's good for demonstrating. And then it's nice and, nice and clean. The next part that I would take then is the body of the shirt and you start by laying it out like so. And lay out the sides over it. And I would start with the back. You just kind of come in, and just kind of keep rotating it. And I'm running out of time for this point. So basically you'd keep rotating it.