Plywood Sides For Building Pergola

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Learn how to assemble the plywood sides when building trellis or pergola in this free garden remodel video from a home construction expert. View Video Transcript

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Bob Street

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Bob Street with Houdini Home Repair on behalf of Expert Village. We are going to attach the plywood to these frames that we have made earlier. If you remember, we cut the plywood out earlier and what we are going to do is attach them to it with a few nails. We still have the advantage of the nail gun here and I've got one just laid on top trying to keep it square with the world when we do it. Make sure they are square and even and it's rough framing. Just keep in mind what you are doing, don't get in a hurry. Certainly not much to it when you've got the advantage of a nail gun. And there we go, that's one side for our cultured stones to stick to. When we made these, we made these 19 inch. We will have 2 of them and they will be side by side as such and then we cut some 20 inch panels that will go across here. And we add the half inch plywood on each side that will make this square 20 inch by 20 inch.