Preparing to Pressure Wash

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In this clip what we're going to do is identify the area that we're going to pressure wash. One of the most things is to identify where the water is going to run off, also to make sure no over spray gets any plants. We've already removed some potting plants that were in this area so the water run off does not get to it. If your using any type of cleaners, mildew sides, there's some organic cleaners out there now that?s safe for the environment. You always need to identify where the water is going to go. In this area it seems like the water is going to run down. It also leads right into how to pressurize. You want to start from the top to the bottom. Water is going to run downhill so it's always beneficial to start from top to bottom Okay we've already identified the area, there's no problems. Had there been any windows that we might need to put a board or a door to make sure there's no water seepage underneath doors. We put up a little shield around those areas, but that won't be important right now. Once you hit dirt with a pressure washer it's going to blast whatever you see out there. Identify the area, this looks like a safe zone, we're going to get started.