Reasons for Pressure Washing Your House

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Explanation of the purpose of pressure washing your house and walkways, keeping everything clean, and avoiding chalking in this free pressure washing video. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Grady Johnson and I'm a professional painter and today I'm representing Now I want to talk a little bit about why we pressure wash a house. It is very important to do pressure washing about every year I recommend every six months but you most do it every year. The reason we do that is to extend the life of our home. Remember a house would pick up mildew, mold that is bad for your health and just dirt and grime that causes wear on the house. Vines would get out of control and eat onto your wood and also I kinds of things would pile up on your roof that you need to get off of there. So if you pressure wash your house to every 6 months to every year you would keep your house clean and you are not going to have to paint as often. Now pressure washing also removes all of the not only removing flaky paint it removes the chalking. Chalking is what builds up on your wall whenever the sun hits the surface of paint in a long period at a time. The older the paint job the more chalking you are going to find on here. Whenever you are pressure washing you would see this white milky substance sort of rolling off of your wall and what you are doing you are bringing back the undercoat and taking off what kind of burned off of the exterior of the paint. Also pressure washing is very good whenever you are trying to clean off your roof now you do need to be careful with that and in a little later in this series we will talk about how to pressure wash a roof. But when you are pressure washing your roof and you do this periodically you are going to extend the life of your shingles and pressure washing is a good way to bring back a existing paint job. Now about every five years you do need to repaint the house. Before you do any repaint job you do need to do pressure washing. This is essential to painting it gets all the dirt and grime off and anything that is going to keep that paint from endearing properly. Also it is going to eliminate all the scraping that you are going to have to do when you are doing the work. Now pressure washing your walks periodcally about every 2-3 months and using the chlorine you are going to keep them beautiful and shiny and you would be the envy of the neighborhood. You might even find a few people and want them to do there walks to. That is what I found when I started doing my pressure washing but if you do that the walks are just going to get easier and easier to do each and every time you do it. So the first time you do the work go easy on your self and as it progress it will get easier. Now this is why we do the pressure washing, if you maintain that pressure washing regularly it will get easier and easier and you don't have to work as hard to do the work and this is why we pressure wash our house.