How to Fold Laundry

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Hi, this is Betsy Sue and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. In this segment I'm going to teach you a little bit about folding your laundry. Now it is really important once you are done drying your laundry that you just don't take it all and throw it back all in your laundry basket. Leaving it in the corner cause it gets all wrinkly and it is almost like you did not wash it at all. So I'm going to show you a couple of things in here. I have a nice pair of pants all cleaned and ready. You want to fold them nice, take them all the way to the ends, fold everything along the seams so you don't get any wrinkles on it. Cause they are little warm and they can get wrinkly. Fold them in half. You may even want to fold them in half again it is up to you. Nicely folded, fits in the laundry basket. What else do we got? We have a tee shirt in here. You think do I need to fold a tee shirt, ya you do. You are going to go ahead and grab it from the top of the shoulders. You are going to go ahead and fold it in half, take it down to the sleeves. Make sure it is all even, fold the sleeve in, fold the tee shirt over. Now you have a nice little package folded tee shirt. Now it fits in a drawer really nice. Last thing we have here this is a helpful hint. A lot of people never put there socks together and they can never find 2 pairs of matching socks. So right away you want to start pairing up your socks or else you would never be able to find a pair of matching socks. Really simple you just grab your 2 matching socks and you just fold one over the other. Now they are together that is all you really have to do with socks. It is really easy folding your laundry really important here on Expert Village.