How to Rid Your Home of Spiders

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In order to eliminate spiders, pest control can be done in which a hand pump sprays all edges and crevices of a home. Rid your home of spiders and remember to knock down the webs with tips from an exterminator in this free video on pest control. View Video Transcript

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Hello I'm Trevor, with Monster Pest Control, located in American Fork, Utah. I'm talking about ridding your home of insects. And the topic today is how to rid your home of spiders. A couple of methods that we use in the pest control industry, we use our hand sprayer, hand pump. And we basically, we go around the edges, spraying all of the edges around the home. Making sure you get it up in the crevices where the spiders are. In areas like this with this wood pile, be very cautious and careful around the wood if they are going to be using it for firewood. This particular situation they are not going to be they are just, it's just scrap that they haven't moved out and you spray down all the areas. Generally Monster Pest Control we use a sprayer but to demonstrate to you I use my hand sprayer. Also to help alleviate the spiders, very important is to knock down the webs. If you knock down the webs, they have to rebuild them and if they have to keep rebuilding their webs they are going to take off and go somewhere else. So you clean off the spider webs. Like so. Once you are done with that, you are good to go. We are continuing inside the house to treat for spiders inside your home. We already did the outside treatment, we came back inside with the same hand sprayer and as you notice they are doing some renovating in the house here and we are basically you go around all the baseboard areas and when they've renovated I go up the walls, and up along the joist and just kind of get everything really well treated along these areas. Trying to rid the spiders. Also I've got some aerosol spray that we can go up into areas that the other may not necessarily get to. Always making sure that you get around your windows.