How to Re-Pot a Plant Properly

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Hi, John here, Paradise Palm here in Salt Lake City Utah on behalf of Expert I want to show you how to report a houseplant correctly. For one, have a plant to repot, a container which to choose to repot it. Most important is that you have drainage holes around the bottom of the pot. And, two, is before you put any soil or the plant in that you have something to obstruct those drainage holes for proper drainage. It'll ask for even drainage throughout the life of the plant in that container, but also keeps all the soil from falling through those holes and filtering out over time. Before I actually put this nice Birds Nest Fern into that, I want to pour some good houseplant soil. We've worked with this soil, it works quite well, it's fungus gnat free, and to have enough soil to cover the drainage material that I have on there, and to give proper heights to my plant once potted. I've got a good soil, there, I don't pack it down, I just sort of let it sit there and do what it needs to do. I take my nice Birds Nest Fern, and I pull it out of it's old pot and drop it into the new one.