Cleaning a Walkway With a Pressure Washer

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Watch as a seasoned professional demonstrates how to clean a walkway with a power washer in this free online video about home maintenance. View Video Transcript

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In this segment, we're going to be cleaning this portion of the sidewalk. We're going to be pushing the water away from the driveway. The additional grime that this has on there, we're going to try to push it out in the lawn, where the water runoff instead typically wanting to go where the water's going to run downhill. We're going to try to push that stuff back towards the sidewalk. You can see it's coming up pretty easy. We're going to try to just seal that right away. I generally like to start with the edges and work away from the edges. Put a little line down the edge. And just peel that stuff away. Sometimes to show you what you can do would be get a good line going with this you can peel it all the way back to the edge. And that way the water and the grime is already pushed all the way out in the yard. You follow the little cone that's doing the work for you. Push it straight out there.