Are Mice Dangerous?

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Feral mice can be dangerous in that they carry fleas and bacteria, and fleas themselves can carry further disease. Find out how a mouse can cause a fire by chewing through the wrong wire with help from an instructor and specialist in pest and wildlife... View Video Transcript

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Are mice dangerous? This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay. Boy, they sure are! They can be cute little critters, fun to look at, nice going around, they wheel in a mouse cage, but those are pet mice. The other mice, the ones that get away, the feral mice, the ones that are naturally found in the environment. Are they dangerous? They carry fleas, they carry other ectoparasites, they carry bacteria. Their bacteria is different than ours. So is it dangerous? They sure are. Mice gnaw, up to five percent of the day might be gnawing. If they gnaw the wrong wire at the wrong time, boy, that can be dangerous. And we hope after the fire, then you get all your pets out. But, so the answer to the question, are mice dangerous? Boy, they sure are. Just think of the number of diseases and problems that are associated with fleas. The number of problems and the different diseases that are in the bacteria that mice can carry. It's just unlimited, the amount of diseases and problems that they can transmit. So are mice dangerous? The bottom line is, absolutely yes. Mice are dangerous, you don't want them in your structure, you don't want them living with you. You want to get rid of the mice and you know, call a professional if you need to, to do that. But yeah, just remember, fire, fleas, bacteria, all associated with mice. So yes, mice are dangerous. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.