Learn the Proper Lighting Techniques for Orchids

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Lighting techniques to keep orchids strong and healthy are discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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John here, Paradise Palm in Salt Lake City, Utah on behalf of Expert Village.com. I just want to mention a couple of very important points when choosing an Orchid or whether to get an Orchid for a friend or for yourself is the most important thing that we find for Orchid care in general to keep them happy over time is that you have proper lighting. We have our, all our Orchids placed right now in the store in a place where we get very strong light, very bright, not necessarily full the whole time and it's most important that you choose a location in your house that has a strong light as you can possibly provide without it being direct or hot light. If this is a place where you have a cat sleeping or it is actually warm to the touch overtime, not a good place for the Orchid. Orchids do like to heat up, albeit they like a lot of light. Find a North or East facing window or a filtered window or filtered light through a South or West facing window. They can handle sunlight. They just can't handle warm or hot sunlight. You identify certain spots in your house or office that have very bright filtered light, not enough to heat the plant up. You can ensure that given proper watering your Orchid will not only keep its blooms longer but have a great chance of re blooming again and again.