How to Kill Bedbugs With Bombs

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How to Kill Bedbugs With Bombs - Provided by eHow
There are no bomb products that are used specifically for killing bedbugs, and these bombs can actually cause bedbugs to separate all over a house. Learn about the dangers of using bomb products to kill pests with help from a pest control company in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Pete with Greenhouse Pest Management. We are Atlanta's true natural pest control company. How to kill bedbugs with bombs. Unfortunately there's no product out there that specifically treats bedbugs by using bomb techniques. One thing we need to keep in mind about bombs is that bombs are more of a suffocate, it actually strangles the bugs that are actually inside the home. So what happens is that we create a frenzy of bugs moving in to different locations of the home. So if you have your bug issues contained in to one room, do not use a bomb. Key things, hire a professional, get them controlled in the one area to get them treated that way. Issues with bombings is that it creates a frenzy when it comes to suffocation. So you have bed bug movement all over. What happens is that the bed bugs that are actually in one area or location of the home, is going to tend to move to another room or move beyond that in to the living room. And that's going to start costing you more and more money once it starts developing in to other rooms. So it's always key to mention, you keep them contained in that one room. Alright one of the negative things about bombs too is that it's air born. And when it's air born it is very toxic to you and I. So it's very abrasive when we inhale that stuff in. So you keep that in mind..very toxic, please do not even use it.