Pt. 3: How to Divide Ornamental Grasses

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Okay we are going to do a little bit more cutting here of these grasses. We want to minimize the exposure as much as we can to the sunlight. So we are going to this burlap and cover these ones that we are not working with right now. This particular root system here again, are very very dense and you want to make a couple of cuts to break up where the roots have been coiled together. This is a very large grass cluster so I am actually going to cut it in half one more time. And you can see towards the center of the plant, it is not as coarsely rooted as it was on the outside. I am also going to take and trim it back just a hair more. We don't really need that much grass after you've got it to this stage. I am going to take my scissors and leave just about 3 1/2 inches of the grass and probably when we get this planted this year, the grass will push out some new blades of grass. We want to send as much energy to the root system and rooting into the ground. So we are going to take off some more of these grass blades here and cut them back. By getting the roots a little bit more aerated, they will have a better chance of knitting into their new little home. I am just going to use my hands here and just kind of break this up. You can see some of the old root matter but all in all, this plant looks pretty healthy, very vigorous and you can tell that it wants to get transplanted.