Learn the History of Bamboo

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Hi! This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we're talking about bamboo. In this segment, we'll talk about the history of bamboo and where they're native. There's recoded history of bamboo being used as long as 7,000 years ago in China. It's been used for paper, housing, mats, flutes. Pretty much anything you can imagine it's been used for bamboo. In fact, the first letters were written were on bamboo in China, thousands of years ago. Bamboo has been used for paper, housing, flutes, pretty much anything you can imagine, as well as for food. The little chutes are used in all kind of salads and foods in more Asian countries. It's actually one of the major food sources in the world. Bamboo can be found anywhere in the world. There's only 2 places that you will never find bamboo naturally growing, and that's Australia, because it fell away from all the rest of the continents first. I guess bamboo never started in that continent. The artic and Antarctica. Pretty much anywhere else on the earth you will find native bamboos. Even in south Africa there's a bamboo that's native. Even in parts of Florida in the southeast Americas there are bamboo. Next, we'll talk about the different varieties of bamboo.