Torch Safety when Making a Decorative Copper Wire Plant Holder

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Learn torch safety for soldering together a decorative copper plant holder, in this free crafts video clip. View Video Transcript

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Diana Bacon

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Hi! This is Diana for and we've moved outside because I am going to start using my propane torch. I never use propane in an enclosed area. It has to be well ventilated so I suggest you move outside for this part and also I am sitting on a concrete surface because we are going to be using flame and you don't want to risk burning any carpet or anything inside your house. I always do this part outside. I wear my protective eye wear and I have my gloves. I also have handy my wrench because I am going to need this to hold my copper because the copper will get hot and you don't want to be touching it. So now I am going to turn on my torch and get ready to solder. I'm going to turn it on just a little bit. There's a handle on the side and you turn it until you barely hear it and there's your flame so be very careful with it.