How to Apply Flux to Prepare to Solder your Copper Plant Hanger

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Learn how to apply flux to make your copper plant hanger, in this free crafts video clip. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Diana for and today we are making a copper plant hanger for your back yard. So we have our copper pieces cut and where we are going to solder them together, we flattened the edges and now we are going to use what we call flux. In this little pot is a material that is kind of pasty and its the substance that conducts the heat on to your metal. So without this, your metal will not stick together. So I am going to take a little bit of the flux on my toothpick and I am going to get my piece of metal and rub it on the places where the metal needs to stick together with the solder. So I've got the outside of one of these and the inside of another one so that my flat pieces can be soldered together. We are going to solder them together like this and with my other piece, this is one of my tendrils so I am going to put some on the end here and I know that this is going to stick to my larger piece about right in the center. I need to put some flux on also right in the center where I am going to be soldering that together. Any place that you need your metal to stick together has to have the flux first or they will not stick.