How to Flatten Copper Wire for Soldering together a Copper Plant Hanger

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Learn how to flatten copper wire for soldering together a copper plant hanger, in this free crafts video clip. View Video Transcript

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This is Diana for and today we are making a copper plant hanger. I am doing it here in my garage and you can do it outside. You are going to have to use a hammer so you need a flat surface that is pretty stable. You can't just do it on your dining room table. So what I am going to do now is have the little circle that I am going to use to hold my pot and since I am going to soldering it, I need a flat surface that will stick together. I'm just going to take my hammer and the very end I am going to hammer flat. So now I have two flat surfaces that I will be able to solder together and I am going to do that at the very end of my little tendrils also. So about an inch on the end; just hammer it flat, so that's the piece that I am going to solder on to the larger piece and here's my second tendril. I'm going to hammer that flat so that I have something to solder.