Timing & Applying Pesticides

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Timing and proper application are key to pesticides succeeding in your garden; learn about using insecticides and herbicides in this free video on pesticide application. View Video Transcript

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In this segment, we'll talk about doing an herbicide or a pesticide application in general. It doesn't make any difference if you're controlling weeds or insects. When you go to do an application, before you mix your chemicals and all that kind of stuff and go out there with your little sprayer or whatever application equipment you?re going to use, you might want to look up into the sky. Because, if you go out and spend your time and your herbicides and your effort, putting on a product or an insecticide, whatever it may be on the pest. And, it comes a big rain shower ten minutes after you get through doing the application, it will wash it away. You did no good; the pesticide goes down the creek. So, nothing good comes from a situation like that. One of the things you can do to increase your odds of having good effects from an application, is to use what's called a surfactant. And, this label right here says it's a spreader sticker. And, the word spreader refers to when you add this to the spray, the fact that it helps the herbicide or insecticide, cover the leaf surface. The sticker does just what it says. It makes the product that you applied, stay on the plant should there be a shower come by in the next hour or two after you do the application. Something unexpected happens to remove the product, the pesticide from the target plant.