How to Curl Copper Wire to Make a Decorative Copper Plant Holder

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Learn how to curl copper wire to make a decorative copper plant holder, in this free crafts video. View Video Transcript

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Diana Bacon

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Hi! This is Diana for and today we are making a copper plant hanger for your backyard. I have a piece of refrigerator tubing that I am going to curl in to our design. We've already cut this and it is about 4 to 5 feet long. I am just going to curl the ends into a nice little curl. It's pretty easy to do with just your hands. The way that I am doing this is so it will kind of stimulate what a vine would look like if it were actually curling on your back fence. Using the curl that came with the refrigerator tube, I am going to bend it so that the top also has a little curl to it. You want to try to avoid a kink like that and curl that down until you think it looks pretty and this is going to hang on the fence so I want it a little bit flat. I like it a little bit organic. I don't want it perfectly straight so this is our first curl we are going to use for our base structure.