How to Get Rid of a Meddlesome Squirrel Living Under the Eaves

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Get rid of squirrels living under the eaves of a house by removing all of the leaves from the area and putting up wire mesh to prevent the squirrels from getting in. Wait until after squirrels have their babies and have left the house to begin... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Jim Harmon California Pest Management here in lovely southern California. We are going to talk to you today a little bit about squirrel control, especially when you get a squirrel up in the eave of your house. Now we have a typical southern California home even though this is going to be more of a mid western type of pest problem that you'll be dealing with. The eaves we have here, this is an overlapping eave that we have in the front of this house, now typically if the squirrels get up inside there it's going to have to have a nice deep pocket, they're cavity nesters. So trying to get them out of there, well you need to really wait until after the babies are born and they all take off. Once they are out of there and you see mama squirrel is not coming in and out pull all the dead leaves cause they do a lot of stuff, put a lot of junk in there, a lot of leaves and such which can be a fire hazard. Pull all that out of there and you are going to have to get up on your roof, then get some hardware cloth, screen, quarter inch mesh typically is best and put that up. If you can get aluminum that's better because that doesn't rust. That should take care of your squirrel problem. Have fun.