Safety Tips for Refinishing Wood Furniture

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Learn tips and techniques for how to refinish old wood furniture, including safety tips for furniture stain removal, in this free how-to video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Jennifer and I have over 10 years of woodworking and furniture restoration experience. Today's project is a pretty simple one. What we're going to be doing is restoring some old benches. Now as you can see, these benches are in pretty good shape so far with just a couple of minor scratches and scrapes here and there, but the stain is the problem. What we're going to be doing is sanding down this stain and refinishing it with a new stain so that your benches look like brand new. First, before we start though, we need to go over a couple of safety tips. You always want to make sure that you have safety goggles whenever you're sanding. It's always important to protect your eyes when working. Using a sander will produce a lot of fine dust and you really don't want that to get into your eyes. A safety mask. In this case, just a regular disposable dust mask will work just fine. You can buy these at your local hardware store. If you have long hair, now is the time to put it in a pony tail, and don't forget to take off any jewelry that you're wearing as rings or necklaces can get caught in your equipment.