Marking Area for Japanese Boxwoods

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Now, I'm going to use my wooden stakes and the string to define the areas to be planted. First, I'll put one here in the corner. I'm using the hammer. Now, for this next stake, I'm going to measure seven inches out because the plants are spaced seven inches away from the sidewalk. So, I've got seven inches here. We're going to carefully move it over here. Now, I need to place a stake right here. You might not even need a hammer. All right, perfect! Now, I'm going to tie the string around the stake. I'm lowering the string all the way down the stake. The string is flush with the ground now. I'm just going to string the string around here. I'm going to put two more stakes on the other end and I'm going to wrap the string all the way around to create a rectangle. This will define the area that I need to dig out. And I'm going to do this on both sides of the pathway, so this is how we will define and make very neat, the area that we need to dig up.