Adjusting Depth When Transplanting Hostas

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Okay now we have to make sure that we plant or plant at the proper plant depths. I am going to put a little gypsum in the bottom of the hole first. Then I am going to set my plant down into the hole and you can see it is considerably below grade. So what we want to do is actually backfill. I like to dig a bigger hole just to give good mixing in the bottom of the hole so that when these little roots actually go into the soil, it is easier than trying to knit into something that is more compacted. So I am actually just going to put a little of my mix back into the hole and set my plant down and kind of eyeball it a little bit to see if it is level with the grade and it apparently to me it looks like I need to add a little bit more. So I am going to put a little bit more mix in, stir it around and I will keep doing this adjustment until I get it to right where I think it should be. If you were to plant the plant too deeply, you could suffocate it and it won't grow as well. It wants to be right where it was before level of the grade of the soils surface. So it is looking a lot better here. I think I need to add just a hair more of my mix in the bottom. So now it is looking like, I'm eyeballing it, it's looking like it is at a pretty good depth there and I am ready to backfill with my mix that I made.