How to Keep Raccoons Out of a Trash Can

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Keep raccoons out of a trash can by keeping a tight lid on the can, placing a bungee cord around the top of the trash or by placing the trash can on a raised surface. Make it more difficult for raccoons to get into a garbage can and they will probably... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Jim Harmon with California Pest Management here in sunny Southern California. We are going to talk a little bit today about how to keep those pesky raccoons out of your trash. The first thing you obviously don't want to leave your trash can out without a top on it. This is inviting. Why are they looking? Because they are looking for food because they are basically a little bit on the lazy side and we have set a smorgasbord out with our trash so you definitely don't want to have a trash can without a lid on it. Put a top on it that seals tightly and you're doing pretty good. Now this is plastic and they can still chew through this. The good metal cans and you have a metal top, here is a little trick, put a bit of a very small hose all the way around the inside lip and that gives it a nice tight seal. Now if you have got a real obnoxious raccoon a bungie chord helps too. Place this on each side, wrap it around and there is good luck getting that off. Those are your main things. Now the other option you have is to get your trash cans up a little bit off. Now raccoons still will jump up but you want to make it a little more difficult for them. The harder you make it for them the more work they have to get to get to their food and the less likely you will have them doing it. I'm Jim Harmon with California Pest Management and hopefully that will keep them out of your trash cans. Thank you.