Best Stepping Stone Locations

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Best Stepping Stone Locations - Provided by eHow
If you are trying to decorate your garden, homemade mosaic stepping stones can add color and variety. Get tips for placing your stepping stone in the right location with this free garden craft video from a mosaic artist. View Video Transcript

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I'm Cooie Grey-Lavin, and in this clip I'll show you how to place a mosaic stepping stone. When your stepping stone is all sealed and ready to go, I just find a little spot in my yard either that I want to walk, I need a pathway, I want to walk on somewhere, I want to be able to step in to turn on a hose, something like that. Or else just somewhere that might need a little color. I just loosen up the dirt and kind of wiggle my stepping stone in there, place it where I want it and then backfill the dirt in so that I cover up my edges, so it looks more like it's growing out of that area rather than being set on top of the area. Then you can hose it on in with some water just to compact the dirt around it. And you've got your little stepping stone, your little eye catching garden ornamentation. You can use mosaic stepping stones in a path or individually just to accent a certain part of your yard.