Leading Mattress Brands

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Leading mattress brands are often made with high-quality natural fibers and individually wrapped coils. Learn more about popular mattress brands with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a mattress. View Video Transcript

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Some of the top leading mattresses on the marketplace are the Spring Air. Spring Air makes the Four Seasons, and the Four Seasons is a really good bed because they're using natural fiber throughout the bed. They use the individually wrap coil. The individually wrap coil makes it so you don't feel movement on the bed. It's a high coil count so it's able to contour to your body very well. And then the foams they use are the highest of quality like the latex foam rubber which is made from a rubber tree processed in a foam process. And so that help gives you maximum pressure relief in an innerspring mattress. It also uses cashmere in the top part of the bed, and what that does is help to alleviate heat transfer from the foams that are in the bed. So makes it all natural. Makes it so it's less likely to show body indentations. And that's really what separates separates the major brands from the not so major brands is they're able to use better filling materials, better quality materials in the mattress. And they spend more money on research and design designing the bed. So that's why I recommend staying with a a major brand in most cases.