What Kills Mice?

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Mice are killed by a number of predators, but they are also killed by humans with traps, poisons and house cats. Discover what the most effective ways are for killing mice with help from an instructor and specialist in pest and wildlife control in this... View Video Transcript

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What kills mice? It's a good question. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay. What is killing mice? Mice are killed by a lot of different predators. They're very yummy, I understand. I've never had one, but there are a lot of predators that do eat the mice and they are very...they rapidly proliferate the species. They...you know, they make more, so it's a unending source of nutrition for some of the different predators. Other things that kill mice: people do. We make traps. The old adage of can you make a better mousetrap? The mice...mousetraps are designed to come in the back of the neck and break the...break the neck, thereby killing the mouse. That's going to be the least painful and the most humane way to take care of killing a mouse. Poisons kill mice. There's a number of different poisons out there that can kill mice. They're called baits. That is because they want to attract the animal in the first place to come eat it. They put a lot of money and research into what tastes good, and then they add the poison. The poison's going to kill a mouse. Is it going to kill it after the first eating or the second? Sometimes it takes one or two feedings, maybe three. It's all based on the volume of the animal, how much it eats, how much it consumes. So we can kill them with mousetraps, we can kill them with poisons, and predators. The house cat, I don't put that on the top list of things that are going to kill mice, but can they? Oh, they sure can. But that's not on the top of my list. Good, old fashioned mousetrap. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.