Avoiding Firm Mattresses

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Firm mattresses often provide good back support but fail to offer pressure relief, leading to sore shoulders and hips. Get more information on why to avoid firm mattresses with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a... View Video Transcript

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This is an example of an extra firm mattress by Englander. It's really important to understand that extra firm is the least likely choice of an individual line on beds to choose. And the reason why it offers you very good support, but not enough pressure relief. So you can end up having sore shoulders and sore sore hips from choosing a mattress like this. And it's really an old wife's tale that you should sleep on an extra firm because there's just not enough pressure relief in it to to be comfortable. So doctors really don't recommend it any more. And it's not a longevity factor either. The extra firm will not necessarily outlast the plushes or the medium firm beds. So in my opinion then we should really stay away from extra firm unless you your back is in you know out and you're in a lot of pain or something like that and that's the only thing that alleviates the the the the pain. They can hinder your sleep. And how that how that does that is it's not offering enough pressure relief so it's creating pressure points in your hips. So imagine laying on this firm surface and you're a side sleeper on your shoulders. Well your shoulders are going to end up aching in the morning, and your hips are going to hurt. And so you're going to be waking up in the middle of the night twenty-five to thirty times tossing and turning. And that interrupts your sleeping patterns, and you're not going to get as a restful night sleep as you would on some of your plusher beds.