Understand Safety Tips for a Pressure Washer

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Hi, my name is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida on behalf of Expert Village today I'd like to talk to you about the proper use and maintenance of a pressure washer. Anytime using a power tool or hand tool, it's a good practice to use good safety habits. What I mean by that is protecting yourself from the hazards, potentially, of using any power tool. Again, this is a pressure washer, it's pressurizing water. You think water... pressure...what's the harm? But actually you can hurt yourself--you could seriously injure yourself with a pressure washer. I suggest whenever using a pressure washer to wear a good pair of safety glasses, a pair of gloves to protect your hands. This electric pressure washer is not very loud, it's actually very quiet; but if you were using a larger gas pressure washer I would suggest using some earplugs. There are some other protection we can use; a particle mask in the case that you were using your pressure washer to strip paint off of an old house that might be lead-based paint, you'd want to use some sort of protection so you don't inhale those lead-based paint particles that you're blowing off the side of a house. It's good practice to always use safety gear. Again, this is a pressure washer. Never, ever point the wand at someone. There's what they call an injection hazard; water is coming out at such a rate that if you point this at somebody you could actually inject the water through their skin. You could actually cut yourself or somebody with a pressure washer by putting your hand in front of the output nozzle; you could literally cut your finger off if you weren't careful. So, be careful: don't point the wand at anyone, protect yourself and play it safe. Again, this unit is electric and we're using water; so use common sense and keep your electrical connections away from your water source and where you're working. This particular model is ground and it does have a circuit protector on it right here. Should it short out, it will trip the breaker.