How to Repel Roly-Polies

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Repelling roly-polies involves spraying them with fragrant oil, sprinkling strong-smelling herbs around an area and blocking off their trail with obstacles. Get rid of roly-polies, which can eat and destroy foliage when found in large numbers, with... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this section we're going to talk about how to repel roly-polies. Now, I know these guys as little potato bugs, or they call em sow bugs, but they call em roly-polies cause' when they're scared they will roll into a little ball. This guy doesn't want to do it right now, but they just roll into a little tiny ball, and that's how they protect themselves. They've got a hard armor just like a armadillo does, and that way they protect themselves from different types of anybody that's going to hurt em'. So basically they're not dangerous, and they don't really do a lot of damage. They actually can eat some foliage, so yes, they can become a problem, but I have found unless you've got lots of em' they're not really a big problem, and there's easy ways that you can repel em'. First of all, any type of oil works really well, whether you use vegetable oil, or olive oil, or lavender oil. Just spray em down with that oil and it'll suffocate em'. They can't breathe, and they'll die right away, and it's natural and it doesn't hurt the rest of the environment. You can always pick em' one by one and try to get rid of em' too, but spices work really well; whether you use cayenne pepper or red chile pepper, or pepper or salt. You just, wherever you've got a lot of these rolie-polies just sprinkle it on and they will take off, so they won't hang out at all. If they're coming into the house you got to figure out where they're coming in from, so follow the trail if you see em' coming in and block it off. So, if you need screens on the doors put screens on your doors, or make sure if there's a little gap put a little bit of Elmer's glue in the gap too wherever they're coming in, and you should slow em' down that way. But I always remember that every type of bug has a purpose just like we do, and so our first choice is to set boundaries for em' before we try to hurt em'. So, you can set boundaries for little roly-polies by just sprinkling down some pepper, or red hot chile pepper, or any kind of spices, and if that doesn't work putting oil down, too. They don't like oil at all. And they're easy ways to repel them.