How to Change the Battery in a Cordless Nailer

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Hello, this is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today we're here to talk about cordless nail guns. Now we're going to install the battery which is rather simple. Just simply place it into the slide and it'll only go in one way, it will not go in backwards, or upside down, it'll only go in one way. Slide it in and then make sure it's locked into place by pushing it all the way in. The tool is now considered live or armed, so at this point in time we want to use caution because now that the nailer is capable to firing a nail. With the battery in it we want make sure that we're careful, not actually injure someone or ourselves. In addition, to make things simpler, we went ahead and precharged this battery. Of course you'd always want to start with a fully charged battery because obviously the machine won't work without a charged battery. Okay, and now we're ready to use it.