Understand the Safety Tips for a Portable Electric Sander

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Keeping your eyes, ears and fingers safe when operating a portable electric sander are discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village today I'd like to talk to you about a portable electric sander. When using any tool whether it be a power tool or a hand tool it's a good idea to always practice good safety habits. Some of those habits would include using safety gear or protect yourself when using these tools. Some of those safety gear, some of those safety items might include a set of safety glasses. These particular pairs are OSHA approved, they are thick, strong plastic. It will protect your eyes from any flying debris. Another thing you may consider is ear plugs. A portable electric sander can be noisy, you want to protect your hearing, wear ear plugs. Also, I have a pair of gloves to protect my hands. The sandpaper is course, wood has splinters, rust can get on your hands so to protect yourself from the materials that you are working with and the abrasive paper on the sander, I suggest a pair of standard household gloves. And then last but not least, also a particle mask or dust mask. Again, we are working with a sander. It is making dust. Some dust can be harmful. I think just tree, sawdust, is very harmful. But when you are working with man made woods there's glues and various other chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of that wood and you don't want those dust particles getting into your lungs. So, good habit to get into when using a portable electric sander, also wear a dust mask or particle mask.