How to Kill Ants with Cornmeal

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Ants are organic-feeding creatures, meaning that they will indeed feed on cornmeal, but killing ants with cornmeal requires saturating the cornmeal with boric acid. Learn about spreading this cornmeal around the perimeter of a home to kill ants with help... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Pete with Greenhouse Pest Management. We are Atlanta's true natural pest control company. Ants and cornmeal, that's really up for debate; whether a cornmeal or grits actually work with ants. From what I know about ants, ants are organic-feeding; so they are going to feed on cornmeal. But from my understanding as Biology that I know about insects is the only thing they can do with the cornmeals; they're actually just going to pull the moisture out of the cornmeal and feed on that. Pull the starch material out of it. So, but what we have here is we have cornmeal; this is a, a professional product but it's cornmeal and it's saturated in a product called boric acid. Boric acid is a natural mineral that comes from the earth and it's highly toxic to the ants. Just take the cornmeal and just, and, and spread around the perimeter of your home. Once again, this is cornmeal and boric acid. So, and just go around the whole entire structure of the home. When you're dealing with the organic-feeding material or, or organic-feeding bugs, the biggest thing that you want to go ahead and use is use a product that actually is an organic-based but also has a natural pesticide in it. And one thing you want to do is go ahead and take it, apply it around the perimeter of your home; but most importantly, always follow the label 'cause the label is the law.