How to Catch a Snake in the Attic

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If a snake has gotten into an attic, it's important to determine what type of snake it is, after which it may be necessary to contact a professional. Learn about using catch traps to catch snakes with help from a certified pest control operator in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi friends I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida and a lot of people wonder how you catch a snake in the attic? Well number one is that is not a normal place that snakes would like to be so first you have to identify why the snake is going into the attic. Is he searching for food or is he trying to nest up there or find the nesting material? So if you don't know what type of snake it is you may want to make sure you call a professional and come up and look because it could be a poisonous snake and we do have a lot of poisonous snakes in the United States so we want to make sure what type of snake it is first. Once you have identified that or you have a professional going up in the attic there is a couple of things that he can do to go ahead and get rid of the snake. There are a couple products, one is called Ropel which is a spray product that you can apply into the attic and this will repel the snakes out of the attic. Another method is a catch trap. There are catch traps that you can place bait inside the trap and the snake will crawl inside the trap and to go after the bait and once the snake is in the trap he cannot escape the trap. That would be a good way to go ahead and catch him once he is up in the attic. The third thing that you want to do is make sure that you go ahead and possibly exclude the area where the snake was getting into the trap. What I have got with me today is some exclusionary material that we use, this is called hardware cloth and it comes from your local hardware store and look for openings on the outside of the hole where it is possible that the snake has gotten inside the hole. Once you find those openings use a pair of clippers and go ahead and maybe cut out the area around where the snake might be getting in and then tack this down to the side of the building and that can help eliminate any more access or pain that you may have from having a snake inside your attic. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control here in Largo, Florida hoping you have a snake free day.