Pt. 3: How to Dig Up Ornamental Grasses

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Learn how to dig up perennial plants such as ornamental grasses, in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay I've got my rounded shovel that is going to help undercut this plant and lift it out. You really want to make sure that you bend your knees here when you are working. You can see I've gotten it a little bit loose already. I am going to come around to this back side and just take a little more dirt away and try to cut a few more of these roots. You can see it is coming out pretty nicely. You get back under here, using my foot and I am using the bottom of the spade here as leverage to get it out. Once I get it to this phase, I am going to take my burlap to help ease on the stress of lifting and I am just going to try to work it down underneath the root system. Just going to try to roll the plant around like that to get it out. It is a heavy one but it is coming. Once it is out of the ground and this nice wet burlap, you've got it all ready to go, you can start dividing it and cutting it up which we will do next.