Mattress Coils & Filling

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The coils and the filling of a mattress are the most important elements to examine when buying a mattress. Learn about mattress coils and filling with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a mattress. View Video Transcript

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Some of the key features are the things that you should be looking for when buying an innerspring mattress is is to make sure you're getting the state of the art coil system. The state of art coil system in my opinion is the individually wrap coil, and you can see that right here. It's pocketed design. Each coil is pocketed individually. And so it's hinged, or tied together, in the middle so that the coil system's able to contour a lot better. And how that benefits you is it's contouring to your body relieving alleviating pressure points better. And also you're not going to feel the movement of you partner as much. The the second most important thing is is what type of filling materials they're using on top of the bed. My personal preference are most people's personal preference are the best quality materials you can use is the latex foam rubber. And that's going to last a long time. The more you, they're using the better off you're going to be. And that sits right on top of the mattress on these individually wrap coils. And what happens there, it's able to even alleviate more pressure points in your body by giving you adequate support.