How to Use an Electric Leaf Blower

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Hi! My name is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today I would like to talk about the proper use and maintenance of a leaf blower. If you chose an electric leaf blower in your purchase, another thing that you will need is of course, an extension cord. Be sure you by an extension cord that is going to be long enough to make it around the areas that you are going to be blowing. Also make sure you buy a heavy enough gage extension cord that is rated for the unit that you purchased. Too thin of an extension cord will deny the leaf blower the proper or necessary current or amperage required to properly run the machine. Also could possibly damage the machine if you don't buy a heavy enough gage extension cord. The electric is pretty simple. You would just simply plug your extension cord into the back of the machine. This particular model comes with a provision to help ensure that the cord does not come loose and you basically fold the cord over, loop it through, pull it onto that and then plug it in. Also, notice that it will only plug in one way and one of the ears for the cord is larger than others. It will only go on one way. There you go.