How to Build a Gnat Trap

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Building a gnat trap is simple using a sticky pest trap that can be placed near ripening or decaying foods, but a dish of vinegar is also an effective way to trap pesky gnats. Trap gnats before they have a chance to reproduce with information from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida. We have had a lot of people ask us how do you build a gnat trap? Well first of all remember gnats are coming from areas inside the home generally where fruit are ripening or decaying and they will start to produce very very quickly inside the home. Well we've got a product here and we are going to show you that's a natural control for the gnats. This is called a pest trap and basically all it is is a yellow piece of cardboard and it has a very very sticky substance on the top and just to kind of show you how sticky it is I will pull a couple of these apart so you can see inside and you'll see how sticky they are on the inside. So what we'll do is we'll go ahead and we will take one of these out of the package and then all you need to do is because it is so sticky, bend it right in half and it will stick to each other on the back side and then you can use one of the hangers here right to the top to hang it near the food source or places where you are starting to see all the gnats at and what will happen is the gnats will actually be stuck directly to the material here and they won't be able to reproduce. As soon as you see the gnats flying around they get stuck and when they are stuck they are not going anywhere so that can eliminate the actual adult gnats right there. A couple other ways that you might want to consider is use of vinegar in a little dish and you set that near the area as well and a lot of times gnats will be attracted to the vinegar, they will actually land into the water and that will trap them right there and then you can flush those away either down the sink or some other place. Those are easy ways that you as a homeowner can go ahead and get rid of gnats. I'm Mark Govan of ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida.