Mattress Longevity

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Several elements determine mattress longevity, including the quality of the material and the coils. Learn how long mattresses will last with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a mattress. View Video Transcript

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There's one great thing that really a lot of people don't know about mattresses. Most people tend to focus on the coil system itself. Although it's important in creating the feel, it has nothing to do with the longevity of a mattress. The longevity has to do with the foams that they use. So you want to make sure you're getting the highest quality foams in the top part of the bed. And that is really going to make your mattress last a lot longer. So you don't get those body indentations that you you know people often complain about. So the foam is is critical in in in choosing a mattress that you're using either latex or the memory foam or foams that are over one point eight in density. So those are that's when I was doing when I choose a mattress I always make sure that the the foams are there cause all of our major manufacturers offer different coil systems. And they're all equally as good, the basically they feel differently. That's why I like the individually wrap coil because I think you don't feel movement on the bed and also it contours very good. But the first thing you want to look for is the quality foams being used.