When to Use a Cordless Nailer

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Hello, this is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today we're here to talk about cordless nail guns. Okay, so we've armed our nailer here, we have the gas cylinder installed, we have our battery installed and we installed some nails, we're ready to use the device. Before we go any further, again, I can't stress safety first. Some necessary safety gear that's required with this type of nail gun is ear plugs and also eye protection. I strongly suggest using OSHA approved eye glasses or safety glasses which do come with this unit. But safety glasses and ear plugs, very important. When using any nail gun, whether it be cordless or an air nailer, never point the device towards anyone. Though there are safety precautions or safety features built into the gun, never point the gun towards somebody. Never try and fire the nailer by holding back the safety trigger and pulling the trigger. Always use it like it was intended, not as a toy. But it's pretty simple. For the purpose we have a piece of baseboard here and we're going to affix it to a piece of wood as if it was our wall. You would want to before hand find out where a stud may be in a wall so you're affixing it to something other than dry wall. But assuming we have found that stud, simply hold the gun, push it in and pull the trigger.