How to Get Rid of Mice with Ammonia

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Ammonia can be used to get rid of mice by cleaning an area, because mice are more attracted to conditions that are not clean. Discover how ammonia can also be used as an odorous repellent with help from an instructor and specialist in pest and wildlife... View Video Transcript

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How to get rid of mice with ammonia. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay. Ammonia's a cleaning agent, so first of all, if you use it as a cleaning agent and clean your environment, you're getting rid of one of the attractive conducive conditions that will attract the mice in the first place. You're cleaning, you're sanitizing. You're getting rid of the food source, you're eliminating some of the water. You're providing a a clean environment for 'em and they don't necessarily want that. They want to feel secure. Their abode, their shelter, they want to be able to feel a sense of security in there. So if you're clean, using ammonia as a cleaner, that will definitely help to keep mice away. But get rid of mice with ammonia as a repellent, as a volatile vapor as a fluid, it stinks, it certainly does. They're not going to drink it. They're not going to stay right with it, but because ammonia is such a volatile fluid, I can't recommend it. It's not on my list of things that I would use to get rid of mice. It's just probably not the most appropriate method to get rid of 'em. So using ammonia as a cleaning agent, yes. As a vapor, as a an odor causing repellent, no that's not the way to get rid of mice, not with ammonia. Clean your place up, but don't stink 'em out. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.