How to Get Rid of Mice in a Car

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Get rid of mice in a car by cleaning the area, getting rid of food left in the car, vacuuming the car and placing mice traps on the car floors. Find out the most humane way to get rid of mice trapped in a car with information from a wildlife pest control... View Video Transcript

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How to take care of nuisance wild life, rodents and pest problems. This is Ed with Critter Control of Tampa Bay. You've got mice in your car? Open the glove box, take them out. How do you get rid of mice in your car? That's a tough one. If they've gotten in, there's a reason. They're in the area. Move the car, that's the first thing. The area you're around when you park, clean it. They need shelter, they need food, they need water. Clean up after yourself, vacuum the car. When that fails and you still have mice inside, I prefer to use glue boards, sticky boards. You can put them inside your bait station where they go in and they can't get back out. You can catch them on sticky boards that are designed to catch small animals. They don't fall off, they won't come off, they get trapped inside. Treat them humanely. It's not going to sound nice but the preferred method of treating these guys humanely would be a thoracic compression which is stepping on top of the mouse board, with the mouse inside. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.