Types of Cordless Nailers

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Hello! This is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village, today we are here to talk about cordless nail guns. Not too long ago the most common way to fasten wood to wood was with the old trusty hammer and nail. Technology though has brought us one step further and we've gotten rid of the hammer but we are still using the nail but we are using air power to drive that nail. This was a big help when this tool came along, an air nailer. It made the job much easier but you still had a cord and sometimes this cord got in the way. Until recently technology now we have cordless nailer's like this particular nailer from Paslode. It runs on butane and a battery and it is basically just an internal combustion. The device charges the cylinder with butane and when you pull the trigger, the battery provides ignition and it drives the piston which drives the nail. No cords.