How to Repel Otters

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Repelling otters involves building a fence around the property, sprinkling strong-smelling and hot spices around the area and chasing them away consistently to create an inhospitable environment. Keep pesky otters from eating up plants and vegetation in... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to repel otters Now otters are just beautiful creatures. Some of them get four or five feet long and they have beautiful brown fur that repels water and they're beautiful on the waterways. Here in the Pacific Northwest there are lots of otters and right near the Columbia River here in Ridgefield there is an animal reserve and there are lots of otters everywhere and they're just beautiful areas but if you live near any natural area they're not so beautiful to you because they come in to the natural area and they eat everything. They love all types of vegetation and they can become a big problem so the first thing that you can do to repel them is to build a big fence to stop them from coming to your property and that is hard if you live in a large large area. There is really nothing that you can do. You can't really protect a huge area but if you have a smaller area where the otters are coming to then there are certain tricks that you can use. Otters don't like the smell of cayenne pepper or black pepper or curry powder or Tabasco pepper or any type of really hot spices so if the otters are coming through a certain area into your property because usually they come right out of the water into your property so if you can make a boundary somehow with some kind of herb that are growing there themselves or a lot of times just making a line, a lot of times that will stop them from being in your area. If you see them on your property, just hosing them down with a hose and just scaring them away, making loud noises, any type of loud noise will scare them away too and of course dogs will scare them away but you never want to hurt the otters because they are beautiful creatures and they have a purpose. So if you can build a fence that works as well or make sure that you block off any type of vegetative areas where they are hanging out because they love lots of water ways with lush growth and so if you can block it off any way, put netting around the entrance or anything to block them off that works too. So otters are coming into a lot of our natural areas because suburbs are expanding and their natural areas are becoming smaller and smaller. So there is a lot of different counties and areas that can help you too so contact your Department of Agriculture, your Department of Fish and Wildlife if you have otters on your property and sometimes they will come and trap them for you and send them to a new home and that's always the best bet because you never want to harm them, never trap them, never hurt them, just send them to a new home.